Ann Schlecht


Jewelry Designer, aka The Gilded Lily Store

I started making jewelry at a very young age but my formal training began with silversmithing classes when I was 14 years old.

I work primarily with sterling silver and occasionally with brass, bronze & copper.  Creating jewelry with everyday objects has long been my passion. Much of my focus lately has been on jewelry that has an organic, natural feel to it.

By the Sea Collection

Jewelry made with Gloucester beach stones and beach glass, make up my “by the sea” collection.  

The beach stones are in their natural state (versus tumbling) which retains their energy. Over time they become polished by the wearer's skin oils making each piece very individual and personal. When worn, the stones absorb and retain heat from the body and have been said to offer healing qualities to the wearer.

Beach glass jewelry is made with pieces of glass found on Gloucester beaches.  Some pieces have been lightly tumbled to show their true color but most pieces are as I found them washed up on the shore with the exception of the hole that I drill into them.

Wax Seal charms

These charms are created from wax seal stamps.  The charms are made with 99.99% recycled silver or with bronze, which is a mix of copper and tin.  Each seal comes with a researched description card to further tell the individual seal’s story.

Wax seals have been used for centuries.  Early seals of monograms, family crests, and other identifying marks were used as personal authentications that would be destroyed upon the death of the owner.  Seals were used to close envelopes, thus discouraging snooping and forgery.  

In Victorian times, women used wax seal wheels with a variety of pictures and corresponding mottos.  Nostalgic jewelry made with wax seals come with an untold story of days gone by that one can only guess about.

I strive to make unique and affordable pieces that my customers can feel good about purchasing and wearing. I put the utmost care into choosing materials and designing each piece so that it can be enjoyed for many years.  My personal success is based on happy customers

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