Kathy Bucholska


Who I am and what I do

Amber. Ammonite. Hypersthene.  Namibia Meteorite. Petrified wood. Rainforest Jasper.  Keishi Pearls. Vintage Game Pieces.  Recycled Jewelry. These are but a few materials that I use in my work to make my work unique.  My mixed media designs include wearable art (jewelry) as well as freestanding amulets and mixed media wall pieces and boxes.

After seeking unusual materials, I work them into a unique piece using various wiring, beading, mosaic and mixed media techniques.  My art involves artistically creating and combining my individual pieces into a work designed and executed by me.  

I add to the uniqueness of my work by including a “short story” of each piece relaying the mythological, historical and/or symbolic meanings of the materials used in the work.  This little extra adds an energetic quality that appeals to the buyer for either themselves or a gift for someone else.  I consider this quality an integral and uniquely creative part of the final piece.

Recently, I began using vintage, broken or recycled pieces, disassembling, changing or even repairing them, and remaking the components into new and different designs that are uniquely my own.  I like the idea of reducing the environmental carbon footprint whenever I can and so do my customers!

My Background

I developed my skills since 1989 through courses offered by various jewelers, designers, mosaic artists and attending the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia.  I like to experiment as I like change, variety and new approaches. It brings me satisfaction to see my designs continually evolve.

In addition to being a member of Local Colors Cooperative Gallery in Gloucester, MA for over 20 years, I have also sold my work at Artistries in New York City, Shake the Tree Gallery in Brookline, Finishing Touches Gallery in Hollywood, Florida, the Kripalu Center, Olde Ipswich Galleria in Ipswich, MA and Contique in Marblehead, MA.

Some of the juried shows I have participated in are the South End Market (Boston), Manchester Arts Festival, Old Ipswich Days Arts and Crafts, the Andover Crafts in the Park, the Annisquam Arts and Crafts Show, the Fine Arts and the Crafts Festival at the Codman Estate, the Haddonfield Crafts & Fine Art Festival, the Gloucester Waterfront Festival, the Collingswood May Fair, the Cherry Hill Art Blooms Green craft show, the Ninth Street Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia,  and the Beverly Arts fest.