Patricia Doherty

Patricia has always had a passion for painting and cannot remember a time when she didn't feel the need to paint. Her favorite subjects are the transition times of each day when the sky and water are filled with so many colors.  "I have actually stopped strangers to have them look up at an exquisite sky. I use oil paint to try to capture that beauty on canvas,"says Patricia. "There is just so much beauty around us. I am very blessed to be living here in Gloucester."

Patricia has her paintings in private collection throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has won awards and had one-woman shows. Her paintings range in size from the very small two-inch by four-inch to two-feet by four feet. Whether she is painting a very small canvas or a large one, she always pays attention to the changing light and emotion of her subject. She has never made any gclee prints of her work so, all her paintings are one of one.

Her work can be seen at Local Colors at 121 Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Her studio is open by chance or appointment.