Fishtown Art: A new exhibit and Reception

Local Colors Artists' Cooperative, now in its 26th year on Main St, celebrates its annual FISH event from May 30th to July 4th with a special art exhibit titled FISHTOWN ART. This annual event, which also coincides with St. Peter's Fiesta and celebrates the fishing tradition and natural beauty of Cape Ann through art. The highlight of this celebration is a reception at Local Colors, 121 Main St. in Gloucester on Friday, June 19th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The public is invited and light refreshments will be served.

This year's theme FISHTOWN ART captures a broad view of our fishing history and traditions as well as Cape Ann's natural and manmade resources. Each of the 16 artists interprets the theme according to their artistic calling. For special events as this, the artists are encouraged to create works outside their usual medium to allow for growth and expansion of their creative talents. The members installing the exhibit never know for sure what to expect until the actual installation. All the work for this event is displayed on the featured wall and in the front windows of the gallery.

This event has evolved over the 25 years I have been a member" says Kathy Bucholska, a mixed media artist and jewelry designer. "To honor the relevance Cod fish have been in the historical development of Cape Ann's fishing industry, I designed a mixed media piece that pays homage to the mighty cod fish." The mixed media piece is designed from embellished domino, scrabble and tile pieces entitled "In Cod, we trust." 

Donna Amero, the only remaining founding member, created a 20" round clear and iridescent stained glass piece with beveled pieces of swimming dolphins. "I was inspired by the playful and carefree nature of the dolphins I have seen on local whale watches. I am so grateful to have such natural resources in our backyard."

Sally Seamans, aka Tin Can Sally, created a one of a kind, intricate tin collage using her most colorful tins. "I thought about what Fishtown means to me and designed my interpretation of Fishtown's scenic skyline to honor the exhibit." 

Another piece, submitted by Ann Schlecht, is a pendant made from a vintage silver plated fork in the form of a fish. "I see a connection between an ordinary dinner fork transformed into an abstract fish as it symbolizes the nourishment fish have provided for us over the ages."

Pat Doherty painted a 12 x 24" oil of a Gloucester cove at sunset. Pat says "The vivid colors and special lighting we experience in Gloucester is like no other place in the world. We are so fortunate. I am forever trying to capture that beauty in my art."

Also, Rusty Kinnunen will debut his latest handmade fine art screen print, “Early Start, Gloucester Harbor”, 18 x 24 inches, in a limited-edition of 150 prints and Virginia Townsend has hand painted one of the most iconic Gloucester images on to a serving platter, seen here in her kiln in Magnolia  The Man at the Wheel speaks for itself.  "Our theme this year - Fishtown Art - represents the incredible history of art in Gloucester" says Virginia.

Each member is asked to submit 2 to 3 pieces for the exhibit, so there will be much more on display.  Other members displaying work are Bob Kulchuk for his wheel thrown pottery, wood turning and fused glass; Bonnie Gray for her oil paintings, Darren Taylor for his woodworking and functional art furniture, Jim Sousa and David Katz for their creative photography, Ian Commissiong for his fiber art and fish skin framed pieces, Joe Higgins for his fish prints, Kate Webster for jewelry, mixed media and fiber arts, and Teri Scott Ludwig for her wearable art made from upcycled sweaters.

The current hours are 10am to 6pm, Sunday through Thursday and 10am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. The members will be identified with name tags and look forward to greeting the public at the June 19th reception, but the exhibit is on view now.